Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's Like A Bad Penny~It Keeps Turning Up

I got a phone call from my attorney's paralegal on my lunch break, she said "I don't know how to tell you this, but.." Seems the Trustee does not want the wedding jewelry he mandated (by court order) to be turned over for sale by his office. I signed a bunch of forms saying I was willing and knowingly giving up the ring, we mailed it off (certified, insured, return reciept requested) to his office last week and now


To give back to me. I gave it up, I did not want it. He could sell it. I wanted that part of this whole procedure done and dusted as they say.

The jewelery was one question the Trustee had during my hearing and I did my due diligence, new appraisal, decided it was not worth keeping (all that bad ju ju on it) and decided the cost to "buy" it back from the Trustee could be better spent on a new to me car fund. Plus after spending $1200 on transmission repair (and depleting my newly set up car and emergency fund) I was not willing to buy back the ring at the appraised price. Oh well, it will just sit in my jewlery box.

Go figure as they say.