Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Using My Time for Good Instead of Sulking.....

One upside to the craziness of my "new" schedule is I have been able to do things like install a new closet system at home. I only have one small clothes closet and it was in desperate need of a face lift. Nothing fancy, just a Rubbermaid one from Lowes.  I actually used the closet planning guide from Martha Stewart's web site and then got the Rubbermaid components for about 1/3 the price. I bought the components before the craziness of work happened. The components have been sitting on my bedroom floor for almost a month and I kept tripping over them. I think I was more tired of stubbing my toes than really motivated to organize the closet, but I'm happy I did do it.

Despite me having these manic mood swings about work, I decided to use some of my peppier energy to do things like re-organize and de-clutter my closet.  I  also trolled through my tee shirt collection, finally tossing out those old stained t-shirts that really don't fit.  I did keep a couple to use as house rags, but the rest, trash can city.  Did I really need that Oktoberfest 1984 T shirt that I never liked to begin with?  I got a bag together of clothes to go to Goodwill.  Right now I just don't see me losing those 25 pounds I gained during the BK to fit back into those pants.  Let someone else use them, they were just taking up space in my house.

I also went through my dresser and purged socks, undies, and etc.  Everything that was left was refolded and put back neatly.  At least when I open my sock drawer, I will see neatly organized socks!  In an odd way, it was very satisfying to tidy up my things.  I still have to make some headway through my desk (which has become a disaster area), and the bathroom vanity.

No matter what happens, at least I feel a bit more organized!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

When It Rains, It Pours

At the end of May I hurt my back and my neck. Nothing major thank goodness, but enough to send me to the doctor a few times, to physical therapy and to the massage therapist. Cost to me, about $1000.  One of the pets decided it would be fun to break it's leg.  Seriously, the pet broke his leg.  Cost to the vet for X rays, casting, meds, $500.  I'm lucky that the dog did not need orthopedic surgery. My primary vet (that I am slowly losing confidence in) sent me to a specialist muttering something about pins and screws.  I was having night sweats, surgery would have been a around $1,000.  The specialist told me the dog could get by on a cast and lots of crate rest.  Where did this money come from.  My now depleted E fund. 

What happens next, my boss holds a meeting to tell the staff that the business will be changing, one partner leaving, and everyone's hours cut, mine included.  Actually, as I posted earlier, the office is on the brink of shutting down unless plans, B, C, D somehow come to fruition.

I knew there was a reason I never put that application in for the FHA loan.

The good news of the past month.

I have pretty much recovered from my neck and back issue, the dogs leg has healed, and while I have no
 E-fund anymore, I am at least current on all my financial obligations.

I still want to spend most of my free time huddled under the pillows watching Grey's Anatomy re-runs.

More  on what's happening later

Still here

I've not deserted this blog, but things have gone just head over tip.  Sigh, So I did the only thing I do well, which was to hide behind pillows and go why, why me-AGAIN.

Pretty much this past month, my office has been in the process of trying to find a new business partner.  Seems one of the partners decided he wanted out, like ASAP. What does this mean, it means my job is in serious jeopardy.   There is a very good chance our business will shut down.

And my bank account is really low due to some odd circumstances.  It is way too much for me to go into right now, but I will post about it this week..