Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Week in Review-Food review

Overall, (except for the overdraft) it was a better week than the week before. My meal planning went well, actually had left overs from the planned out meals, and have planned out the meals for the upcoming week.

I was asked to bring a casserole to the Thursday Thanksgiving, and I had ready purchased a number of the ingredients as part of my food shop. I am also going to a post Thanksgiving Thanksgiving meal and was asked to bring a dish. The only bummer part is I don't have all the ingredients for this dish, so off (again) to the grocery store for the items I need. Have I told you I really don't like to grocery shop? (yup, a couple times). I have tried to plan out my meals using things I currently have in my food cupboard and refridgerator. Time to use up stuff!

I did a bit of a clean out this week. I had a bunch of containers that I had been using as leftover storage and to bring my meals to work. With all those scares on plastics leaching toxins, I tossed these containers. I know they are at least a year old and I have no idea if they are safe to be used for multiple microwaving sessions. They are left over containers from pre-made meals (one of my old co-workers would buy his lunch every day at the gourmet deli and would put the container in the kitchen to be recycle, I swiped them to use as storage containers, they were a good size). I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I did go to Target and picked up a set of Rubbermaid containers (plus a spiff rack to store the containers and lids on) for $19.99. I have some organization in my cupboards and these containers are microwave safe. It also will help me with portion control for my meals.

The upcoming week should be a good one food wise,

Breakfast: The usual, bread product with cream cheese or an egg, Pancakes and Sausage brunch on Thanksgiving.

Black beans and rice-1 day
Soup and salad=1 day
Sandwich-1 day
Leftovers!-1 day

Business Dinner-1 day
Bean and rice burritos-1 day
Grilled Cheese-1 Day
Thanksgiving Feast-1 day
Pasta-1 day

I have to do a budget check tomorrow, but I think I'm ok on the food budget, any left over $$ I want to earmark for me emergency fund.

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