Monday, November 5, 2007

The Weekend Wrap Up.

Without looking at my receipts, I can tell it was NOT a bad weekend money wise. I did my food shopping, both at Costco and the grocery store. I got a lot of staples for the cupboard that I had run out on and some "regular" food as well. I really don't enjoy grocery shopping. Even with a carefully planned out list, I tend to get that glazed, deer in headlights feeling and wander around the store wondering if I got everything I needed. My cupboards are full for the next few weeks (with just the occasional jaunt to the store for fresh veg as needed), so I should be ok. I planned out a week of meals and that is a good thing, I'll have some leftovers for my lunches.

The downside was I bought my lunch Friday ($9.50) Saturday ($8.50) and Sunday ($6.25). Friday a couple of us from work got take out, Saturday I was craving Chinese food, specifically spicy Chinese food and Sunday I was out and about and feeling too lazy to cook when I got back to the house. Plus I spent a good portion of Saturday morning and then another 1.5 hours on Sunday at the laundromat. The last thing I wanted to do was come home and make lunch.

I don't have a full sized washer or a dryer at home. So when the pile of clothes gets out of hand (like it did this week) and the animal laundry too much, off to the laundromat I go. I will admit the animal bedding gets washed in the big super sized $5.50 per load machine on the hot cycle with lots of soap. The bedding comes out really clean, doesn't smell and after a run in the tumble dryer, also without animal hair. I had forgotten some of the bedding and decided to just get it done on Sunday. Plus I was by the other laundromat that morning, I did a grocery shop and returned my returnables while the clothes were being washed.

Hope your weekend was just as exciting as mine!

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