Thursday, November 15, 2007

First Bounced Check in over a Year

I logged on to my bank account last night to see if my direct deposit hit early (some times it does, sometimes it does not). Only to find my account was in the red. WTF? I did a quick scroll and saw a check I had written for a donation in July was finally cashed in November. Since I am pretty good about monitoring my account balance,balancing my checking account and noting what checks are outstanding, I'm not sure how this slipped by me. I was pretty sure it had cleared in August.

I've not had an overdraft in over a year. I knew my account would be low until payday,I paid all my utility bills, car insurance, those small bills we tend to forget with the last paycheck, but was not expecting an overdraft. The bank honored the check, but I got hit with a $29 overdraft fee. GRR. Live and learn, and the lesson is to keep a better cushion in the account so this does not happen again.

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Udez said...

did u call to appeal this?