Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My First Day at my "Second Job"

As I posted before, I've decided to re-activate my real estate license. You can read about it here.

Last week I went to my "second job" to get a run down on the office and fill out the paperwork. I will say almost everyone in the office was very nice, the Broker and I had a nice talk. I did tell him I was comfortable doing all the real estate paperwork, good with customer follow up, etc, but I felt my weak points were negotiating deals and selling myself and the company to get listings. Honestly, the last time my license was active, I worked for someone who did those two parts of the job and my exposure to those skills were limited. He told me part of his job as a Broker was to work with his new agents on these skills and he would be happy to help when the time came (noticed he said when and not if).

Which is good and makes me feel a lot better. We have the understanding that since this is a very part-time position for me, that I won't take Floor Time on weekends (this is where agents sit in the office and take clients who walk in or call in), but that I can have clients that I get on my own, both buyers and sellers. I like this arrangement because I won't be stepping on the toes of any current agents full or part time in this down market and I can ease into the job. A couple folks I spoke to think I'm crazy to enter real estate in a down market, but my intuition says to go for it any way. I also now have two clients, both friends who have been looking on and off for a new home for sometime, so at least I start this new adventure with two potential clients.

And just to be safe, I did tell my full time employer that I would be reactivating my license. I live in an area where everyone knows everyone else (and their business) just so he would not be surprised. He supports my decision to have this as a potential second income, which is a good thing!

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SavingDiva said...

Good luck with the real estate thing! :)