Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No Spend Day and How to Have More

Yee Ha, another no spend day. It's the little things that get me (postage for a letter because I forgot my stamps, an extra drink at lunch, a craving for potato chips/crisps).

I've taken over the snack buying for the office. I am now in charge of ordering coffee and tea making supplies (I volunteered for this, my boss was doing it and not doing it well, he's not a shopper). I also picked up some salty and savoury snacks for our kitchen and ice tea mix. My office is small, but we do like to have a small assortment of drinks and snacks and now that this is one of my weekly chores, I'm buying a few treats that I like and won't be tempted to buy each time I run out. My fellow office mates are happy (we seem to have similar snack tastes), my boss is happy (he does not have to deal with the grocery store ) and best of all, it's no money out of my budget.

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Young said...

Very good idea! It's great that you were able to get your company to pay for something which made you and everyone else happy.