Wednesday, January 16, 2008

No Spend Day #3

Yesterday was a no spend day #3, which is good. I'd like to make today no spend day #4, but forgot to pack my lunch again this am. My kitchen repainting is just about complete (and I really like the way it all turned out). I will be putting my shelves back up this evening, getting everything back in it's proper place and reclaiming my counter space. The disarray in my kitchen is my, ah hem, excuse, (no just utter laziness) for slacking off on the home packed lunch. I normally keep a couple cans of soup or a frozen ready meal or two in the office kitchen, but I'm out of those as well both here and at home. The lunch selections around the office are limited and a bit pricey ($4 for a container of soup, $5.25 for a sandwich, $4.95 for a medium garden salad) and there is no one around the office today who wants to split a pizza.

Oh well, I'm planning a medium sized grocery shop this week and I will make sure these items are on my list and in the office because to keep spending money on lunches is silly when I have the food at home.

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