Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Becoming More Automated

Most of my 2008 goals involve using my money more wisely and setting my self up with an E-Fund and a savings account.

My E-fund is currently a small checking account that I have at a bank that is NOT my primary bank. I opened an account at this bank when I moved back to the Northeast. That particular bank was then bought out by a bigger, less customer friendly bank (although the staff is still the same and very nice and helpful).

I have money deducted from my pay check directly to my E-fund account. I have also taken the debit card to this account OUT of my wallet so I am not tempted to use it. I have also discontinued any direct debits to this account (my mobile phone) as I kept forgetting to transfer funds over.

My savings account is an ING account and I transfer money once a month from my checking account to the ING account. Any funds I got from taking photos for a mortgage company also are transferred to the ING account. I deposit the payment to my account and then make an on line transfer. I have asked payroll to do an auto pay to my HSA account as well. I have to pay part of my Health Insurance premium.

By setting up these auto transfers I am painlessly working towards my savings goals. I just deducted the amount auto transferred from my working capital. I know from past experience that I can't trust myself to do the transfers myself and this system seems to be working for me. I'm slowly feeling more in control of my finances. And that is a good thing!

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SavingDiva said...

I have quite a few automatic transfers set-up too! It helps me save without struggle...plus, if the money isn't in my account, I don't/can't spend it.