Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Search For A Real Second Job Continues (still)

Even though I have re-activated my Real Estate License, one of my goals has been to find a second job that pays on a regular basis. I have the potential for a job that begins in March and I will be meeting with those folks this weekend to see if it is still an option.

I had hoped to make some additional funds by photographing properties for a title company, but that work has been sporadic at best (two houses in the past two weeks).

Living in a rural area has it's advantages, but it's biggest disadvantage is employment. Employment options are not overly abundant and many stores around here close at 5 or 6PM, which is when I get out of work and could do a couple hours at night after my full time job. If my other potential job does not come through, I'm on the lookout for an other job (any job). Ideally, I'd like to bring home at least an additional $300 a month. I'm doing on line surveys, some pay per post (options are few and far between), the photo taking, but I need a regular part time job. In and ideal world, that money would be earmarked for my new to me car fund.

As I've said before, I just have to get creative to figure this out. And I will.

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