Thursday, January 24, 2008

One More No Spend Day, Using Up Food Staples, and the Job Hunt Continues

Yesterday was another no spend day (thank goodness these are becoming habits!) and I'm in the middle of a pantry clean out.

I've gone back to cooking my meals and instead of aimlessly wandering the grocery store with no set menu in mind, I've been planning meals from what's in the cupboards. I keep thinking I'll use up what I have in the cupboards, but it does not always happen. Many of us talk about using up the food in the cupboard, but how many of us really do? This month, I am. I wanted to make black bean soup last night only to find I was out of canned (and dried) black beans. Quick menu change, I made Tuscan White Bean Soup, as I had two cans of white beans. Improvisation is key. I looked at my supply of potatoes and they are starting to look a little under the weather. Plan for those is either scalloped potatoes, or potato and corn chowder (I have a can of corn in the cupboard, I prefer fresh or frozen). I'm just not quite sure what to do with the can of cream of something unusual soup I have no memory of buying (not mushroom, or chicken, or celery). Some sort of a creamy casserole? I will have to figure that out for one of my weekend meals. I'm almost out of all my frozen veg, just have a few burgers left in the freezer (which may become some sort of ground beef casserole), soup sized pasta, assortment of dried beans, etc.

I can honestly say that my stress eating has decreased dramatically in the past few weeks. I feel like I'm getting back to normal eating patterns. Since I don't have to stress eat, I'm not stress food shopping and I'm saving some money. I don't have this complusion to run to the grocery store every day. I envy those folks when stressed they lose weight, I eat and gain weight :(

I've gotten a couple second job ideas from folks and I'm looking into them. I never connected with my friend who will be looking for extra help starting in March, our paths just did not cross. So it's on my agenda to touch base with him in the next few weeks and see if that is still available. Job pickings in the local papers are small this time of year.
Something will turn up, I'm sure of that. Now that I have my new TV, I'm focusing my energy on a new to me car.

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