Monday, January 28, 2008

Needs and Wants-Winter List

We all have needs and wants, and one thing I did this weekend when I did my budget was think about my needs and wants. In general, I really don't need or want that much, but there are a few things. I'm putting my list out there, I will be doing my best to budget for the needs and wants and will search Craig's list and freecycle!


1) A new to me car (yes I covet the Ford Escape in 4WD with sunroof or the Toyota Highlander in 4WD with sunroof and both with working A/C!)
2) Slippers (i just trash my slippers during the winter.)
3) Two new pairs of pants (something in the wash stained my two pairs of good khaki colored work pants, and did not find anything worth getting at my two favorite consignment shops).
4) A second paying job to help pay for Item #1.


1) New bamboo floors in the house to replace ratty old linoleum.
2) New DVD player (might be able to find one on sale).
3) New toaster oven.
4) New set of high thread count sheets.
5) New food cupboard ( kitchen island or jelly cupboard). My current "cabinet" is literally falling apart.
6) Some lovely bottles of wine or champagne.-You can never have enough vino!
7) Complete series of Ab Fab and Chef!


Ian Denny said...

It's far too easy to get drawn into the negative aspects of recovering from a personal (or business) financial challenge.

It's important to set goals which incorporate due reward for achieving those targets.

Well done. Keep the car in mind! That's the one I think that floats your boat.

Don't dip under the surface by forgetting to build in the rewards toward this goal if you can keep on track.

Bouncing Back said...

Ian, you are so right and I completly agree with you. we need to set goals that also include rewards, otherwise I think we can easily get discouraged.

And yup, right now the car is the main goal!


SavingDiva said...

Start putting $5 or $10 a month into a savings account to reach your need/wants....

Anonymous said...

I do have the ING account which is earmarked for the needs and wants...