Tuesday, January 29, 2008

No Spend Day Again and Pricing Out Gyms

Yesterday was a no spend day and if I play my cards right, today will be a no spend day as well. Easy to do IF I plan my spending carefully and not forget things like lunch, stamps, etc.

I looked in to a couple local gyms, the closest one to me is a bit pricey, but close to home and work. The less expensive gym and the closest YMCA are not close to either home or work and I can't see myself driving 10 miles to use the gym 3-4 x a week. I'm going to ask for a week or two week guest pass and see if I like the place close to home. Bankrupt Betty's doctor has mandated weight loss and an exercise program. Since my favorite clothes are getting a bit tight, I see a need for the new exercise regime. I have been enjoying my new stretching program (lots of stretching some Yoga,etc). at home, but I know I need the use of cardio machines. It's still too dark when I get home from work to walk and the roads are not safe at night in my area. I belonged to a gym a number of years ago and I liked the gym atmosphere, despite adding this to my budget, I am looking forward to going back to the gym.

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SavingDiva said...

If the gym is too expensive, you should consider aerobics videoes. Before I could afford a gym membership, I purchased used workout videoes on half.com. I would cycle through them. It was fun and cheesey...I really liked TaeBo.