Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Secret Debate~I Have a Secret

If you read The Simple Dollar you have read Trent's post on accepting advertising from Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul Author) and contributor to The Secret and Trent's view on The Secret.

The Secret is a hotly debated book and movie. Nancy Zimmerman in her blog calls it hogwash. click here to read her post on The Secret. Actually she calls it appalling, offensive and narcissistic.

I have a link to The Secret on this blog and have had one since the beginning. I also have The Secret DVD and watch it on occasion. Why, because I believe in PART of the message of the Secret. I think that with hard work, positive thinking, goal setting you can achieve your goals. I have a background and multiple degrees in Sports Psychology and Alternative Health. I have worked in very traditional and non traditional settings. I've participated in studies on using a variety Creative Visualisation Techniques. I have successfully used a number of the same techniques in my life. I have positive affirmations posted around my house, I have created collages (called Vision Boards in The Secret) of things I'd like to become, have, or achieve.

The Secret also talks about The Universe, which you can interpret as The Universe, God, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Deva's, Angels, any form of Higher Power that you believe in, and that The Universe loves you and will take care of you. I'm not an overly religious person, but I do believe that there is a Higher Power out there that looks over us all and does love us, it just might not be the traditional God you believe in, but it is what I believe in.

I personally have a hard time seeing The Universe as my own private department store, if that were the case, I would have had my new car 6 months ago and a perfectly professionally landscaped yard/garden with just a request thrown out to The Universe. I sure as heck never visualized becoming Bankrupt and that happened to me.

I do see the Universe as a place where I can do anything I have set my mind to (with hard work, lots of positive thinking, and goal setting.) I see The Secret as an offshoot of Self Help movement. And you can take from The Secret a lot or a little depending on your views, needs and wants. I'm not saying you have to embrace the Secret, it's teachers and all it's messages, I am saying there is some merit to parts of the video and the book, take from it what you need. What I've gotten from The Secret that has been very important to me is to be very specific with my goals and to really work on visualizing them. It's been a good exercise for me these past few months to set goals and work towards them. I don't feel so scattered and all over the place with my thoughts and actions. I have an action plan.

I'm a strong believer in writing down and visualizing your goals. That is one reason why I blog, I see my goals on a daily basis and I write about them. I've been posting pictures on my blog of things (gasp Material Things) I'd like to have in my life.

And I am slowly achieving them with a lot of hard work, positive thinking and the support of The Secret as well.

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Brip Blap said...

I'm continually amazed at people who feel the need to attack the Secret - which, at its heart, simply advocates staying positive, which is the best and most gentle message you can give. The whole debate on TSD was silly. Attacking positive thinking is like attacking the benefits of breathing air. Positive thinking may not give me that new BMW, but it sure doesn't HURT.

Good for you if you're using The Secret, or Rich Dad, Poor Dad, or the Bible, or Chicken Soup for the Soul or whatever helps you stay positive!