Thursday, December 13, 2007

Going on Instinct This Time...

I spent the better part of the past couple days mulling over do I or don't I re-activate my dormant real estate license. I talked to a couple brokers, I went through the pros and cons, the biggest con was the initial outlay of cash to switch the license to an active broker, total cost $608 (various fees, board dues, etc). It's money I do have, but have earmarked for my new to me car fund,Emergency Fund and Health Savings Account Fund.

I found two brokers who are willing to let me hang my license with their office and are willing to work around my full time work schedule and my weekend limitations and understands what my weaknesses are in the real estate field. Both offices are also willing to work with me to develop the skills I feel less than proficient in. That's good, my biggest concern was my lack of certain skills pertaining to real estate and how I could work on those skills. I like both brokers and my gut says to do this!

The rational part of me says "Why are you activating your license and spending the money better earmarked for other items in a down market?'

The other part of me says "Remember you have made sooo many bad decisions over analysing situations, your gut says go for it!

Truly, most, if not almost all, of my bad fiscal decisions these past couple years have come from me over thinking my money decisions. For someone who prides themselves on making sound rational decisions, I've made a bunch of bad ones these past few years and yes, those decisions have come from overthinking, reading too much into things, taking the "safe" way. That has just NOT worked for me.

I'm going to go with my gut and re-activate the license.

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SavingDiva said...

Good luck with the real estate market...I don't know how it is around you, but the market is bad around me. However, I think we still have real estate agents that are doing really well...