Monday, June 15, 2009

You Have A What?...........................

I've blogged before about my elderly friend who is in bad health. I took on the care and responsibility of one of her dogs. It's been a bit of a chore, mainly because one of my dogs would like to rip off Poochies face. They just don't get along. I have very creative and inventive ways to make sure they both get the time, attention and exercise they need. It can be tiring at times and I have to be very careful. I've already had one incident and it was not pretty.

My elderly friend had a falling out with our mutual friend Dee and has now moved into her own house. She has also spent more time back in the hospital and rehab center for her chronic health issues than she has in her new house. She really can't live alone, but insists she can. Dee and I are waiting for the phone call that is nothing but bad news about our elderly friend, at this point, there is very little we can do. Even her step daughter has sort of thrown up her hands over this.

Imagine my UNhappy surprise when I get an e-mail saying she was cancelling our lunch date for Sunday since she just got out of the hospital (again) and needed to go pick up her dog. EXCUSE ME, Go Pick Up Your Dog? As far as I knew, I have her dog. Seems she somehow convinced one of her old doggie friends to sell/give her a puppy. A 4 month old puppy that needs to be crate trained, house broken, taken to the vets, exercised. All those things puppies need. I have sitting in my house a 6 year old dog that is crate trained, housebroken, current on all her vaccinations, etc that is techincally her dog and not my dog. I took the dog because my elderly friend was unable to take care of herself and her dogs, at the time,she was living with our friend Dee and Dee could not house all the dogs.

This puppy has spent more time back at it's breeders house than it has with my elderly friend. The breeder must be totally blind to not see what a problem Elderly Friend is having. The sad part is the puppy breeder is about the same age as Elderly Friend and admitting to herself that Elderly Friend is unable to care for a puppy would mean the breeder is old too! Elderly friend is in no condition to have a puppy. A well behaved adult, maybe, but a puppy? No way. When I asked Elderly Friend when I could drop off her dog (the one with me) I got a lot of umm, ahh, and finally, I don't think she would be happy with me after living with you. Which I doubt, because in my home she is one of several and does not get the Poochie Princess Treatment.

At this point, I'm trying not to scream, I know Elderly Friend keeps making repeated bad decisions with her life. I won't let this dog suffer because of it, BUT and there is always a BUT. I've spent close to $500 on food, boarding and vet fees on this dog, of which Elderly Friend has given me about $75 for the dogs upkeep. She has promised to give me some cash for the dog, but I have not seen it yet and I doubt I will. Her other animals have been placed out with new homes at her request and two of her dogs are still living with Dee even though she and Dee have had a falling out.

Honestly folks, I took the dog thinking once she got stabilized, the dog would hopefully go back to her. That was the generic plan. Of course life intervened and that went by the wayside. I have my own animals to take care of and like I said, with my dog wanting to rip Poochies face off, it can make for an interesting day.

Grr, now I have to place out an older dog. I'm doing my homework on this, networking, local rescues, the breed rescue, etc. The local rescue contact wants to know if I've contacted the breeder. I've explained that Elderly Friend is the co-breeder and unable to care for the dog, and the other co-breeder had a nervous breakdown and moved to Oregon (which is true) and has totally given up on dogs. A responsible breeder will take back a dog they bred for any reason. I can't really hunt down this woman in Oregon and insist she take back Poochie. I do know for a fact she really did have a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized for it. Ideally, I'm looking for a nice older active retired couple who would love a Poochie Princess. Wish me luck!


Dawn said...

You are definitely wished lots of luck!! I hope you fund someone soon.

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart, you are just like me. The more you do for others, the more others "shit" on you.

Revanche said...

Oh My Goodness. How infuriating and frustrating.

I have an Elderly Friend who would constantly take in rescues and finally had to promise her neighbor that she would stop because she knows that she won't be around forever. I know she took in one more dog after that, I really hope that was the last.

Good luck!!