Monday, June 8, 2009

Just Not Feeling The Love

I'm not feeling much love from my sort of co-worker at my part-time job. She is the person I temporarily replaced while she was out on medical leave. After I made up the June work schedule, I realized I needed to swap a day of work because of another obligation on my next scheduled weekend.

I left a note,(since I realized I don't have this co-workers contact information, her phone is unlisted for "privacy reasons",it was not on the barn phone list and I never connected with my weekend boss to get the number from him, he was away) at the barn this past weekend asking if she could work for me, actually, I gave her a number of choices, work the one day, work both my days, swap a weekend so she can have a long weekend other upcoming weekend (like Labor day, I think the way the schedule plays out I'm working both Labor Day and July 4th weekends and can work the entire weekend if she wants one of them off), or not work at all. I left my cell phone number and my e-mail address and asked that she please call me yesterday, Sunday and let me know which choice.

As of this AM, no contact, no voicemail, no nothing. Now I realize calling me may be a long distance call, but use the barn office phone, I know the boss won't mind for a work related call. She may not have e-mail, so no e-mail and I understand that. Plus since I was there on Friday and Saturday, I know how few animals are in the facility this weekend, plus with the weather as nice as it is, the animals are spending lots of time outside. It was an 'easy' work weekend so to speak.

I know she is not overly happy with me still having hours at the barn and "having control" of the workers schedule. I know she expressed a statement to that effect to my friend Jill who works sometimes during the week. All I did with the schedule was write it out on paper so people would not forget and the trainer could keep track of days off, changes, etc. I really have no control over the schedule.

I know she came back to work about six weeks before her MD said she should because she needs the money. One reason I'm at the barn for my limited time is I'm also doing a lot of admin work that is needed. The barn lost the person who was doing the admin work a few months ago and the trainers wife was filling in to help out. She has her own full time job and did not want to do this long term. Now, between she and I, we get the admin work done, she's happy, I still get some paid weekend employment, my co-worker gets almost all her hours, yada, yada, yada.

If this co-worker needs the money and I'm offering her not just the one day, but my entire weekend shift and even gave her the option of not arranging for a reciprocal weekend off, why would she not call? This is the schedule she has on the weekends I'm not there, and I think I was told she does not have another job. I just don't get it. I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that maybe someone moved my nicely type note of the bulletin board and she never saw it, so that could be a reason????? My gut tells me she is ignoring the note.

I'm going to give her until tomorrow sometime and then go to plan B, which Jill said she could cover the day for me. Ugh the junior high aspect of all of this is soo um, Junior High!


SavingDiva said...

Ugh! I'm sorry you have to deal with a petty coworker! It makes work so un-fun!

Revanche said...

Is there any way to reach her while she's at the barn? Is she there during the week at all, or just weekends?

I'm just thinking that if she's that petty, maybe it's worth one more try to reach her? Then again, some people will take any excuse to complain so it doesn't matter what you do.

Glad you have Jill to cover for you!

Bouncing Back said...

Yup, the pettiness is very petty! She does not work during the week, just Fridays until Monday. I will call the facility on Friday to see if she got the note period.

Jill did say she could work, no problemo on that end, which is good since it's hard for me to reciprocate as I can't work on a Wednesday or Thursday. I just would have thought that ADULTS need not stoop to this petty level.