Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Two Good Things

The gods have been kind to me the past two days. Other than stewing over my recent transgressions in PF and other life things, I had two small, but quite up lifting experiences occur.

A friend of mine hosted a family party over the weekend. His auntie came up from New York with all sorts of great Italian cold cuts and pastries from an amazing local to her bakery and deli. I was the recipient of a ton of leftovers. My friend carefully wrapped up the left over Italian cold cuts (no bologna and plain boiled ham here), bagged up the bread and pastries and out of the blue, dropped them off at my house. Enough for lunches for this week. The past two days I've been making these great sandwiches for my lunches. What do you do with a melon sized ball of fresh mozzarella? I'm looking for some good tomatoes at the market to make a pasta salad and will be using the mozzarella in some hot pasta tonight. It is just a bit too warm for me to crank the oven and make pizza. My oven at 550F really heats up the house.

The second little experience was stopping at the grocery store last night and getting the one spot that is mere steps away from the door that is not saved for mothers with children (don't my fur kids count as kids?) or as a designated handicapped spot. I pulled into the lot and low and behold, that coveted spot was open. I think in the 8 years I've been shopping at that store, I've only gotten that spot twice that I can think of. And one time one of those more than slightly harried mothers with 3 kids hanging off of her gave me a dirty look for taking that spot and not leaving it for the mothers with children. Hey, no sign, fair game as far as I'm concerned.

It's the little things that can make your day.


Dawn said...

The leftovers sound fantastic! I have been the recipient of some goodies like that a few times and it always is wonderful. What a great way to indulge for no extra money.

FRANNIE said...

Tomatoe and Mozzarella Salad

Slice 1 big tomatoe - lay on plate
Sprinkle w/olive oil, salt & pepper
Slice cheese - lay on top of tomatoe
Chop up some fresh basil - sprinkle
Drizzle w/ alittle more olive oil & salt.
Let sit on counter for 15-20 at room temp.
Makes great leftovers too.

Immer said...

Sounds like you were the recipient of some special things. I feel the same about the strawberry patch that my neighbor put in about 3 years ago. She shares all the rewards with us and then I can avoid the purchase of fresh Michigan strawberries off the farms at $3.50 per quart. Nothing like going out the door and picking fresh strawberries. These are good perks.