Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bill Paying and Free Stuff!

I wiggled around some funds yesterday and paid off my credit card, phone bill and mailed in my electric bill. I got a check from my weekend job and while it has not cleared my account, I did an auto transfer between two accounts so I could just get these bills off my desk.  I'm not a big fan of auto payment anything, but since it was just between my two personal accounts, I did it non the less. 

My desk on the other hand is a mess. I've been busy with busy little things and I noticed it looks like a mini tornado hit it. I must spend 20 minutes and tidy it up.

The other news was I was given a used all in one (AIO) printer/fax/copier/scanner.  It's a bit on the clunky side, but hey it's free and sort of works. The fax and copy work, I'm having a problem finding the right printer driver to download to my computer for the fax and scan function.  The WiFi signal I've been mooching off of in my neighborhood was "down" last night-or whomever has the WiFi has shut me out.    Oh to be I Paid Twice For This who got (I'm guessing) free all in one from Brother to review.  I'm jealous. I found a nice refurbished AIO last month on line,but when i clicked back to the site to purchase it, it was sold out.

If I can't get a driver for this unit, it's going to go bye-bye.  I will either offer it up on Freecyle or take it to the electronics recycling day.

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Jessie said...

So why are you not a fan of auto-payments (if you've written about that before I apologize). I'm a HUGE fan of auto payments for both my bills and my savings accounts.