Thursday, June 25, 2009

Freaking Out Travel Mates

I had my conference last week in New York City. It went well!  I had to get up way before God to drive like forever to catch the early commuter train, but I did nap a bit on the way down to NYC.

I did, however, freak out one of my fellow attendees. I did what oh so many thousands of people do in New York City. I grabbed my meals from a street vendor.  I get to the city so infrequently that when I can get a knish, soft pretzel and Hebrew National hot dog, I do.  Plus the lunch places around the facility where the conference was held were EXPENSIVO.  Like crazy expensive for even a basic sandwich.  I spent a whopping $6 on my knish, pretzel and Hot Dog. When in Rome, do like the Romans, street food for me!

My travel companion, who is not adventurous when it comes to food, was shocked and horrified that I ate not just one of those items, but all three (the hotdog had mustard, relish and onions thank you very much). I think she expected me to get some sort of food poisioning.  I did not have the heart to tell her that I also got a cup of coffee and a hard roll with a schmer of butter at Grand Central.  IMO-you can't get a decent hard roll outside of the New York Metro area.  My travel companion shelled out the bucks for one of those sandwiches and said to me " You know, you do get a meal allowance for the conference?"  Yes I did know that, but I wanted street food!

The weather was nice and I took my food stash found a place to sit and happily ate my street food.  I'm still alive and kicking and no GI issues (save for a very small satisfiying and discrete burb after the hot dog).


Dawn said...

YUM!! That sounds awesome. I love street vendor food. :)

FRANNIE said...

Oooohhhhh....sausage and peppers from the street vendors in Brooklyn. Yummo! I can still smell them!

Grace. said...

LOL--I cannot get over the paranoia some folks have about the "big, bad city." NYC is where I learned to eat and love street food--all except chestnuts. I now live on the west coast, in a city famous for food carts--I can get Hebrew National hotdogs, but I do miss the zeppoli and the knishes.

Anonymous said...

Next time go for the Halal Guys on the SE corner of 53rd/6th. Get the lamb platter (and ask for a couple of falafel balls too)...all for $5!!!