Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Weekend Update

It's Sunday and I'm not as bored this weekend as I was last time I was home for my "off" weekend. It's been dreary and rainy here in New England, but I used my time wisely.

I got a load of books from the library and a couple DVDs. I also inventoried my food cupboards and I have spent the weekend doing the following things: Reading, cooking, gardening and napping. Not in that order, but I took it nice and slow.

I sat on the couch Thursday afternoon with a dog tucked at my feet and finished a book I got from the library. I got up only to refill my water glass and use the loo. I inventoried my food cupboards and my fridge and decided that even though it was a bit warm, I'd turn on the oven and make pizza. I still had a bunch of fresh mozzarella (but is it fresh almost a week later?) that needed to be used up. I made pizza dough in my bread machine and made a couple pizzas. I have some leftover dough I'll freeze. The house has been damp enough that the cranked oven took the damp out of the house (too warm for the heat, too cool to put an AC in the window to suck out the humidity). I also made a great beef stew and one of my favorites, refried bean soup from A Year of Crockpotting. I also found a couple bunches of scallions in my veggie drawer, not getting any younger or better, so off I went to Google. I Googled scallion pancakes and made a bunch of scallion pancakes. Two I had for dinner last night, the other two I cut up into wedges and they reheat beautifully in the toaster oven. The awesome thing too is that because I have a fairly well stocked pantry, I did not have to buy anything for the above items! I did buy two red peppers today because I thought I'd make black beans and rice (I like the color combination of red and black, green peppers fade too much in the cooking process). I spent a whopping $4 on grocery items this week and I have enough leftovers to last me through the middle of the week.

That is a good thing. It's payday tomorrow, but except for a few items I am out of (coffee, whole wheat flour, some fresh veggies, etc) there are very few things I really need for my pantry. If anything, I'm quite happy using up what's in there since 1) I have these items and 2) I'm am NOT a fan of grocery shopping.

I'm still a bit bored being home for 3.5 days. Not bored enough to tackle the entire to do list and get it done, but I'm making headway. I think I'm afraid that if I finish the to do list, I'll have nothing to do on my next off weekend!

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Dawn said...

Those are great cooking successes! Way to keep that grocery bill down.