Saturday, June 20, 2009

Decluttering the Furniture

I posted before about how I've been doing a decluttering of my possessions. I also have this piece of furniture that I just don't like and want to get rid of. It holds my TV right now, has a few drawers that I store stuff in, but I've never liked it and have wanted to get rid of it for a while.

A relative that I have a bad association with gave it to me many moons ago. At the time, I took it because I was told I had to by other family members. Like I said, I've never liked the darn thing. I'd like to get rid of it so I don't have to think about the family member.

Posting it on craigs list got me nowhere. I did not want to give it away, I wanted some cash for it. I opened up my e-mail today and I had a forward from one of my former social club friends. An organization she belongs to is having a tag sale and looking for donations. Not only will I be able to get rid of this piece of furniture that I can't stand, I'll be able to get a donation form and claim it as a charitable donation.

I look at it this way, the universe sees a void and will fill it. I want a specific replacement for that piece of furniture, now that it is on it's way OUT of my house, what I really want can come on IN to my house.

I call this a win win.


veronica said...

I spent some time this weekend decluttering myself. Mine came in the form of an old iMac and miscellaneous other old and outdated electronics and home stuff. I felt so much better after I got rid of that stuff. So much so that I'm ready to tackle other things on my task list. :-)

Dawn said...

Absolutely!! That is a perfect situation.