Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No Spend Days-Without Even Trying

One of my ongoing goals is to have no spend days. Days where I don't even buy postage. I've been feeling a bit under the weather the past few days, so straight after work I'm heading home, by-passing my usual stops of grocery store, liquor store, coffee shop, etc. I've been coming home, making dinner,dealing with the animals and trying to get to bed early.

I've had three no spend days! Which is a good thing. It sort of makes up (well not really) for the spending I did last month (that post did not save or post to blogger last night, but I do have it saved at home and will try to upload tonight).

Not stopping at the grocery store also has means I'm cooking at home and using up the pantry staples. Probably the only thing my brain has been able to process the past few days has been fixing food. I did some grocery shopping last week and actually have food items in the house for multiple meals. I've made the following items: Basic pasta sauce that can be turned into a variety of sauces (with sausage, with extra veggies, with cream and vodka, used on pizza), cole slaw (a ton of cole slaw to be exact), salads, good old fashioned macaroni salad, potatoes-turned in to mashed potatoes, potato salad, home fries, sausages-grilled, in pasta sauce, etc. Ground beef which I've split between patties to stick in the freezer for grilling later and some in bulk for when I'm in a meatloaf mood. Well you get the picture.

Having options in the pantry means I'm less likely to wander aimlessly around the grocery store, list or no list, I somehow manage to pick up items I "think" I'll need instead of items I really need and want.

Maybe I can make it until Thursday when I take off for my weekend job!

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Dawn said...

Yum!! Not only do you have lots of options, it sounds like you have really tasty ones!!