Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Second Job Plan B

It's Wednesday AM and I never heard back from my weekend job co-worker. I also never connected with my weekend boss to get her phone number, nor did I try very hard. I went with plan B, which is my friend Jill will cover the day for me and I'll make the trek to the job for the second day. I need the money, I have some admin work to do and I'll take advantage of the free laundry facilities as well!

I did find out the note I left was not moved and posted on the employee message board. So I'm guessing my weekend co-worker has decided to ignore it. Does she think I'll not make other arrangements? I just don't get it. I sent an e-mail to my weekend boss and left a message on his home phone alerting him to the change. True to form, I've not heard back from him, but in his case, that is not a bad thing. The day is covered and that's all he cares about!

I'm grateful for Jill being able to cover that day so I can attend my conference (finding "professional clothes to wear-a whole nuther story...).


Anonymous said...

Not sure why you think your co-worker has to respond she owes you a follow up. Perhaps you put her in an auckward postition.....

Personally don't get your complaints re: your co-worker.

Anonymous said...

its called courtesy. all she had to do was say yes or no. how awkward is that? to just leave BBFB hanging wasnt polite or particularly professional.

Anonymous said...

She did say no by not responding.

Blogging about her isn't "courtesy" either I might add.

Bouncing Back said...

Anonymous 1-My blog I can post about who and what I want and the co-worker is not named.! To second Anonymous 2 it is a courtesy to say yes or no to a co-worker. She had 4 options, yes I can work, no I can't work, yes I can work and will happily swap a weekend, yes I can work and I don't want to swap a weekend. It would have been a 15 second phone call on the barn phone to my VM. Yet my co-worker chose none of the above. She may need a favor from me one day and it would be impolite of me not to respond one way or the other.

Considering the fact this co-worker has also been telling everyone she had to come back early because she needs the money was one reason I offered the day to her. I thought I was being courteous to her. I could have happily offered it to my friend Jill and ignored other co-worker completely.

Ah well, I get the feeling no matter what my answer Anonymous 1, you would not be happy!