Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Failure to Plan on My Part

There is a reason why we all should have a miscellaneous category in our financial lives. Like when I realized that I have 4 graduations this month that I need to get presents for.  I could probably not give to one of those, but the others are pretty much non negotiable, they are family and godchild.Sigh.

Ugh, even giving them all the easiest present out there, gift cards to I tunes and Borders, will set me back about $100 to $125. 

I knew June was graduation month, but just did not pay attention.  Two graduation parties next weekend and two the weekend after that.   Oh well, they are all good kids, I normally don't do christmas and birthdays for them, and all are very deserving. 

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Revanche said...

There's always something miscellaneous that we forget, isn't there? Graduations are often my downfall because the cousins are all separated by random numbers of years, it's not every year or every other.