Monday, March 17, 2008

This Weeks Meal Plan and Meal Planning in General

Since I made little to no progress in sticking to last weeks Meal Plans, I'm giving it another go this week. Most of my lunches this week will be leftovers based on what I'm planning to cook.
I made this amazing pork roast in my crock pot yesterday and will be using that this week.

Part of my "problem" is I go to the grocery store to pick up a container of milk or some other mundane staple. I see something that gives me inspiration and my meal planning goes out the door. Saturday was a perfect example. I went to the grocery store looking for chicken (my local market will do a selection of chicken pieces, usually on special, perfect for the grill or as I had planned as a baked rice and chicken dish). No chicken to be had, but I did find a pork roast for $1.46 per pound. That is a great deal.

I grabbed the smallest roast they had (5.4 pounds) had the butcher cut it in half. I stuck half in the freezer and the other half ended up in my crock pot, simmered all day with onions, apples, carrots, herbs, some wine and a chipolata pepper in adobe sauce. It was really good and I have a bunch of food I can use as leftovers. It's nice when the inspiration hits, but I find I tend to go 'off my menu" frequently. Which I find funny, because I really don't enjoy grocery shopping all that much. Yet a hunk of pork makes me change my whole weeks menu.

Ah, well. I have lunch packed for today, dinner planned out and will make a loaf of bread in the bread maker this evening and hopefully I won't have to go near a grocery store until the weekend! I may dye some Easter eggs and then be eating a lot of egg salad next week.

Here's the tentative plan.

Dinners: Beans and Rice, enchiladas using left over beans, rice and pork, pork BBQ sandwiches, pasta with either pesto or tomato sauce, butternut squash stuffed with wild rice.

Lunches: Leftovers from dinner a couple days, salads (using the last of my Romain lettuce I bought at Costco) and using up the frozen containers of soup I made last week.

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