Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Last Requirement from the Trustee

I E-Filed my taxes this year for the main reason, I have to give the Court Trustee all but $390 of my refund. I am getting back total, about $1,000 from my state and federal returns. It's more than I thought, but less than last year. The cost of Turbo Tax, the E-File and Direct Deposit fee is around $80, but well worth it to me. According to the E-File timeline, I should get my direct deposit tomorrow. The check to the Trustee gets written on Saturday and mailed to his office with the other information he needs (copy of tax return for proof of refund). I'm really happy that I can truly file all my Bankruptcy paperwork and put the very large file someplace other than the top of my desk. I do have copies of my discharge notice, but the entire file and all court correspondence will be tucked in a nice safe spot.

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