Monday, March 17, 2008

The April Challenge

Krystal at Give Me Back My Five Bucks is doing another challenge for the month of April. I like challenges, they give me motivation and I like the "competition" aspect of them. I've thought about the April Challenge and have decided that I need to seriously cut back on my food budget. It's been out of control.

I lump all grocery store, alcohol and animal food purchases under food. This month I know I will probably go over budget and a large part is due to alcohol purchases. I've been invited out a couple times for dinner (Me: What Can I Bring? Host: Oh Nothing. Me: Are you sure? : Host: Well, how about a bottle of wine or a six pack?) A decent bottle of wine is not cheap, and my little local liquor store does not carry a huge selection of good, yet inexpensive wines. They range from very cheap and cheerful to exquisite and expensive. Not a lot in the middle range suitable as a present.

Plus I have a bunch of staples in my house that I'm not using. I bought canned black beans when I could have just as easily used dried beans. But going through the process of soaking and cooking the beans, not difficult at all, just takes time, and I tend not to take the time. I just need to use up the staples, I can clean out my cupboards for a proper shop come May as I would like to do and it's cheaper as well. I have some Roman beans soaking at home as I write this. Beans and Rice are on the menu for tomorrow.

To motivate myself, I'll join in the challenge and dare I say, only spend $125 on groceries (me and the animals) for the month of April. Wish me luck! :)

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