Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Some Really Good News!

I've been a bit absent from blogging as I deal with a family issue and some "things" at work. Work has been interesting the past few weeks, we lost one employee to early retirement and one fairly new employee "jumped ship" to another company. My boss decided in this current economy NOT to replace them right away and really do a job search to find a suitable candidate. Since we rely on these employees to bring in revenue, I was a little nervous, could my job be on the line. My E-fund is sorely lacking and I'm just getting my act back together.

I work as a cross between a project manager, office manager and a bit of a personal assistant for a small company in New England. Pretty much we all wear many hats and do what has to be done to get the work done. My boss takes out the trash, I shop for office snacks, we both do filing, answering of the phones, computer work and lots of customer care and contacts.

The good news is my job is OK and the even better news is I got a small raise! My boss is not a man of many words and I was surprised and pleased about the raise. He said it was in recognition of the additional work I've been doing and the way I've redefined my position at the company making things run smoothly and enabling him to do what he does best.

Wow, it's probably the best news I've had in the past few weeks. Now to focus on the second job

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