Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It's sort of a gardening tradition that on St. Patrick's day, you plant your first crop of peas. Well not in my area of New England. Most of the ground is still pretty frozen and I think any peas I would have planted might not make it to maturity.

I am planning to do a small square foot vegetable garden this year. I still have some extra lumber leftover that can make the boundaries of a small raised bed. I have not done a vegetable bed in a couple years. I'm planning on just one or two squash plants, a couple heirloom tomato plants, maybe a pumpkin plant, a cucumber plant, a variety of herbs~ just enough for one and probably enough to give away as well. I have two amazing compost piles that I'm planning on incorporating into the raised bed. I think I've spent too much time this past winter reading my seed catalogs!

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