Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Second Job Woes

As I've posted earlier, I have a tentative job offer to work 2-3 weekend a month at a horse farm local to me. This job would be ideal, it would pay enough to cover most of a new to me car payment, it's fairly close to home, the hours work out well for me, there is some flexibility if I need it for a weekend errand or three and I like the people I would be working with. I would be replacing a current employee who has made plans to leave the area. She was supposed to leave this month, but has pushed back her leaving until some time in late April if not early May.

Sigh, not good for me at all. I was starting to count on that job. It really would have been perfect for me on many levels and since a new to me car is a priority, I'm having a hard time justifying putting off a second job search much longer. The biggest drawback is weekend only second jobs are not easy to come by or the pay is dismal to the point of I'd have to give serious consideration to work in a place that the pay was so bad AND to give up my weekends as well. Yes, I need and want the additional money, but I know from past experience I need to at least like the place I work at if the pay is going to be low.

The real estate market is still painfully slow, as expected. I'm hoping the spring season may bring out a buyer or two and the commission could be put to good use (car, E fund, etc).

What I really need to do is just get my butt in gear, stop whinging and find a second job so I can get my new to me car.


Ms. M&P said...

Good luck finding the 2nd job! I know you'll find the right thing for you.

Becky@FamilyandFinances said...

A job at a horse farm? I would LOVE something like that! There are no horsey jobs where I live :(
I hope everything goes smoothly and you can start soon!