Friday, March 7, 2008

The Lunch Challenge Week 1

Did not spend one thin dime on food for lunches or snacks this week. Yea Ha!. I am actually looking forward to doing some cooking this weekend and planning next weeks meals.

Sometimes it's the small things that really make you feel good! Not only packing my lunch, but remembering to pack snacks has been a big help.

My basic plan for next week's meals include using up a bag of wild rice I got as a present last fall. I love rice of all types and I've someplace, a recipe for wild rice and squash. I have a recipe for red lentil and ginger soup and I do have a small pork loin that is screaming to be marinated in an adobe and honey sauce. Now just to figure out what days would be good to do this!



Ms. M&P said...

Nice job! I wasn't so lucky...I went out to lunch with my new coworkers because they invited me. I kind of felt like it was an investment in myself, but it was still $15.

Mike said...

Good job! I know the first week I hit it without going out and without spending (extra) money to buy a lunch was ausome!

Keep up the good work!