Monday, May 12, 2008

The Second Job Is Tiring

And not just as tedious = tiring,, but I am really tired. As I've posted before, my "second job" on a very part time basis is to help a local horse trainer when he goes on the road. I'm one of two people designated as a cross between a groom and a road manager for his clients. The clients range from teenaged kids to adults. The way this trainer has his barn set up, the "clients" do a lot of the work preparing their own horses for the show, the "road crew" helps and assists and makes sure the clients keep to the schedule for warm ups, ring time, and all that jazz. With several rings going on at once, you have to juggle who goes where and when.

This past weekend was my first full working weekend and I am tired. Physically tired. I had forgotten just how much physical work was involved in this type of job. I got home last night, fed my dogs, put my feet up long enough to catch part of the news, took a couple Advil for my aches and pains, and I slept up until the alarm went off this am. I'm usually up before the alarm, not today. I happily slept in. The good news is between this past weekend, covering some time at his barn (yeah local!) this upcoming weekend, and the property photo shoot work, I've made enough money to cover my car payment for the month of May.

I just wish I could count on this work as a regular income source, it's still going to be more of an on call thing and the next working weekend won't be until sometime in Mid June. It is what it is. Now to get all my laundry done.......

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SavingDiva said...

My second job isn't manual labor, but it's rought to have to work a 3.5 hour shift after a full day of work. :) But I can't complain for $17/hour!