Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Second Job Blues and First Job Worries~Sort Of

I've blogged before about my hunt for a second job (the good and the bad of it and my laziness with it). I do have an occasional part time position as a 'road groom" for a horse trainer. My first weekend out went well in early May, I did one day of home barn coverage and made enough money to cover my car payment in full for May. Which was my goal, cover the car payment. Real Estate has been dead dead dead.

I did get a message and an e-mail yesterday. I'm not going to be scheduled for any road groom work until the end of June. Grrrr I had hoped to work NEXT weekend-fairly local show, can sleep in my own bed, minimal travel since I'd drive my own car, etc. But for the reason it is a fairly local show, they don't need two road grooms, one will do it and as of now, there is no home barn coverage either. The person I was to originally replace has changed her mind and is staying on at the barn. She is very good at what she does, which is great for the facility and clients, not good for me. This means the chance for working part time at this barn on a regular basis has gone out the door. Ah well.

Plus my full time job is a little hectic at the moment. In the winter we lost a couple people to retirement and one person moved to another company. We have not replaced them. My boss originally wanted to wait for a good candidate, but has now decided NOT to replace them until the economy bounces back. My position is a mixed one, I do everything from answer the phone to work with clients, BUT I am worried. For the first time in months, I am worried. I think I'm OK for now, our business is slowly picking up, but there is always that nagging fear that the company may have to economize and my job could be something that is economized. My boss has approved some time off in July and is letting me take a day to go to an industry conference, so I take that as a good sign for now. I just wish I had more of an emergency fund (damn the wind ripping my door off it's hinges and damn me for trowing a post through the neighbors car window), but I actually feel better equipped to handle what may be thrown at me.

Like I said, I think I'm OK, I don't to dwell on the maybes but I'd rather be cautious than caught unawares....

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