Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Nope, it's not a countdown to anything, but the number of new clothes I need. As I stated earlier, I'm doing a de-cluttering of my closet and clothes. Plus since I've gained weight, some of my clothes just don't fit. Off to the consignment shop, Goodwill, or trash. Some clothes are stained or so old/frayed they have to be dumped. I can't hang on to them to see if I'll be able to fit back into them. I have 21 skirts in my closet. 21 skirts of which 6 fit comfortably, 3 others I can squeeze into for short periods of time. I don't need 21 skirts. How the heck did I accumulate 21 skirts? Easy~as I got heavier, I bought clothes I could fit into and my local consignment shop has some great buys, $3 or $4 for a new to me skirt, in the closet it went,the old ones just never left. This just has to STOP. Here is what I figured out I need:

4- summer shirts (polos, blouses, etc)
3-skirts or pants that fit
2-pairs of nice shorts that I can wear to work (my work dress code allows shorts)
1-pair of decent shoes for summer.

I did buy one skirt and one polo shirt at the mall last week and I'll be doing some serious comparison shopping for the other items. I did do an amazing shop last fall, my last serious new clothes shop. I'm hoping I can match that shopping spree in terms of prices and bargins. Now to figure out how much to budget for the shop.

21 skirts-yikes, and truthfully folks, I am not a skirt person. When I get home, I'm racing to the bedroom to get out of the skirt and into a comfy pair of sweats, jeans or shorts. I need to have my head examined........

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