Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just Like Watching Grass Grow..........

OK, you have heard me complain about my lawn or lack of it. One spring project has been to re-seed the lawn and try to get back some nice green grass. I spent the money on some good Scott's Lawn Seed and a few weeks ago, I set about to re-do the lawn. I turned over the soil, leveled out the holes dug by the dogs, got rid of the rocks that seem to grow in New England dirt, mixed in the seed and the fertilizer, re-raked it in, watered faithfully and now have my fingers crossed.

The weather was supposed to be good for re-seeding, re-establishing lawns. The forecast was for coolish nights, warm sunny days, and a couple days of rain. We had very cold nights, torrential rain, minimal sun and the weather is JUST warming up. You can see where the lawn is still not coming in as fast as I would like. I took this photo last week, you can see my lake just through my fence. Regretfully, my neighbor has the direct lakefront, I just get the lake view, which does not stink either (I don't have to pay her taxes :) )

The lawn is a little greener this week, but I still have bare patches that will need some re-seeding. When I run my errands this weekend, I'll get another bag of seed and hit the bare spots. I'm slowly working on my to do/goal list not only for the month, but for the year, slowly, just like watching grass grow!

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