Thursday, May 1, 2008

The May Goals

The lawn is seeded, I've decluttered a bit (not as much as I would like), I got sort of a second job to help offset the cost of the new to me car for the month of May, listed some stuff on E-Bay, Craig's list, Freecycle, donated a bunch of stuff to Goodwill. My plans to do some home DIY of course, were just that just plans, but I'm hoping to get some of it done THIS month.

The May Plan:

1) Finish the garden beds.
2) Paint the kitchen cupboards, OK, at least pick out the paint for the cupboards.
3) Organize a couple paid work weekends for June.
4) Redo the closet.
5) Re-examine budget and finances and make the July goal to be as close to a zero based budget as possible.
6) Plan a mini vacation/mini-break. I am really feeling the need for some time away and time for me only that does not involve animals, family, or obligations to others. Really feeling the need.

What I've alread done.

1) Paid the car note.
2) Paid my car insurance.
3) Paid my student loan.
4) Decided to increase my food budget from $100 to $120. I think I managed to stay around $100 for April, I have to look at the last few receipts. I still have a lot of staples in my cupboards, I'm just out of fresh veg, fruit and meat.

Part of me wonders why I have not done more, and part of me still feels overwhelmed by what I have done. Part of me is just so thankful that I really feel like I'm getting my fiscal life back on track. Part of me wonders why this miraculous transformation did not happen the instant I got my discharge. I know that it will take time to undo the fiscal mistakes of my past. There really is no miraculous transformation is there? All I can do is move forward from here and make the best of what I have. And I will! I hope you do the same.


Tough Broad said...

It sounds like you're doing great to me! In fact, I'm a little jealous because I don't have a garden of my own!

JW said...

Congrats on everything that you've accomplished already.

moneytummy said...

Everything you've done so far sounds great! Keep up the good work, it's inspiring.

On My Way said...

While I would have to admit I normally hate yardwork, a garden is one thing I love. And since I live on the 3rd floor of an apartment, I won't get one. Job 2 (the grocery store gig) has driven home quite sharply the rising price of groceries. I keep hoping I will be able to get fresh produce on sale, but even then it is scary! Good luck with your goals and your garden.