Wednesday, May 14, 2008

2008 Goal Update

Just thought I'd take a moment to review my 2008 goals~ I need to update my goal list and that is one of my "To Do's" for the weekend, but here is the update so far:

1) Try to go as green as possible at home and at work. I already use (and have used for a number of years) my own reusable shopping bags, I recycle everything I can (town dump mandated), I have a compost pile for my food scraps, etc. I'll be following the Green Boot Camp Blog for more ideas that I can incorporate into my home and work life.~ A work in progress, I'm slowly working on making my work environment greener . At home, the compost pile has provided me with some great compost for the flower beds and my kitchen herb garden. Now that the warmer weather has arrived, I'm hanging up my laundry instead of using the dryers at the laundromat. My clothes smell great! Who needs Downy, when I have sunshine and fresh air?

2) Continue to work on my re-installed budget.: The Budget concept is always a work in progress. I'm getting a lot better about sticking to parameters and I've really stopped a lot of unnecessary spending and the unnecessary justification to spend. I want to go back to a zero based budget for July.

3) Start to contribute to my Roth IRA again and see if I can reach my personal goal of $5000-Not even close on this one-I am one bad bouncing betty.

4) Continue to fund my Emergency Fund. ~ The fund continues to grow thanks to my part time job and very small income streams. I still add in $200 a month to the fund, I've had to use the fund a couple times, but I'm getting close to my yearly goal of $2,000

5) Find a second paying job. ~ Well I have two very part time jobs, but at least a small income stream. I'd be much happier with a permanent part time job, so lets say 50% on this one.

6) Remodel my sorely outdated bathroom either by a little (or a lot) sweat equity or with minimal cost from outside labor (perhaps a trade in kind). ~ I've decided to paint and re-floor my bedroom first, I can handle painting, I can't handle tile work. I do have a new sink I can and will install in the next few weeks. I'm still looking for someone to help me install the new wall and floor tile.

7) Get on a regular exercise program again. 50%, I'm stretching and walking, but my doctor wants me to get back to the gym and yes, I've been putting this off for months. This could become a health issue if I let it slide.....

New and updated goals will be posted next week! Hope you are making progress on your goals for 2008.


Fabulously Broke said...

Those sounds like solid goals. I have mine too...!!


no more spending said...

You're doing really well!

How quick is 2008 going?