Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The New To Me Car

I had, in a much earlier post, complained that Personal Finance bloggers don't often post photos of things they bought, they only seemed to complain about their debt. I had made a promise to post a photo of anything spiffy I managed to budget and buy. I'd post photos of my new tea kettle bought at Christmas time, but it's really just a very nice yellow tea kettle.
Just to brag a bit, here is a photo of my new to me car. It is in sore need of a wash, and this weekend it will get a bath and a good interior scrubbing. This baby has to last a while with me, it needs to be treated with care. I worked hard post BK to be able to get a car loan, so I am very happy to have a new to me and very reliable vehicle.


Jerry said...

Good for you! My wife and I have not gone through bankruptcy but we've certainly had our share of financial struggles. It's ok though because challenges lead to growth and we've needed that to change our habits. We make progress every day and it's our insurance for our future.


JW said...

Congrats on the SUV! It looks great. Thanks for posting the picture, it gives me further inspiration to get out of debt and pay cash for another vehicle myself.

Good Luck

L@SpillingBuckets said...

nice car! :)

Jon said...

Nice car, but aren't you worried about gas prices? My dad is driving an old van and it costs a ridiculous sum to fill up!

Bouncing Back said...

The cost of gas is the biggest adjustment. I really wish I had more public transportation in the my area or at least lived closer to the store! I'm modifiying my driving habits.

My friends in the UK pay close to $8 a gallon, so I don't complain too much (or at least to them(.