Monday, December 22, 2008

What I'm Doing At Work Today

Dragged out the furniture polish and really cleaned and polished my desk
Restocked the other two satellite desks in the office with new pens,pencils, post its, etc (mainly to prevent people from nicking my things)
Dumped all the old magazines out of the lobby/waiting area and into the recycle bin
Shamlessly surfed the web to find my Chrismas Present to myself (a little comparison shopping now for purchase after Christmas).
Shamelessly read a bunch of blogs
Am listening to corny holiday tunes

Oh yeah, my boss left yesterday for a week's vacation and EVERYONE is out of the office today, except for me. 

I did do a bunch of small work related chores, it's not been a total abuse of company time.


Dawn said...

Sometimes you need those kind of days!

Laura @ no more spending said...

sounds like a great work day :)