Saturday, December 13, 2008

Cash In Hand

When I got to the second job this weekend,  a paycheck was waiting for me on the kitchen table.  This is a good thing! I went to the bank yesterday, cashed it and immediately  put the bulk of it in an envelope to be deposited to my E-fund.  I grabbed $60 for me and the rest will go to my checking account.

I've made it to the next payday (with not a lot left over) and this upcoming check from my "full time job"  will cover the mortgage, student loan, car insurance and phone bill will some left over.  So far I've not had to dip into my E-fund.  So Far.  Last year I got a small holiday bonus.  It came on the paycheck that will be in my account on Monday.  Honestly, I am not expecting ANYTHING this year.  For a while I had sort of hoped that I would get a small bonus, but once my hours got cut, I figured-There goes the bonus!

I had a couple hours off this afternoon, I'm getting a routine down (which is good!) and I ran some errands.  One errand took me past a local mall where the off ramp from the highway was backed up a good 1/2 from the mall exit.  Even with a wad of cash burning in my pocket and the knowledge that my checking account had enough cash in it, I had NO desire to go out and spend money, on my self, on presents, or on anything.  I did get gas in my car.  Price at the local pump, $1.53 a gallon.  It was nice to fill up the Escape and not pay $60!

The trainer I am working for called to check in.  This area of New England had a "wicked bad" rain and ice storm.  Where I'm staying was just south of the rain/snow line and it was all rain here.  Cold, raw, miserable rain, but rain.  Not too far north, lots of ice, downed power lines, and broken tree branches.  A friend of mine in Southern New Hampshire is still without power and it might not come back on until Monday or Tuesday.   He's living in front of his fireplace for the time being and hoping the pipes don't freeze.  I called home and the lovely neighbors said we only got rain in our town and all was well.  Which is a good thing!


Fabulously Broke said...

Phew. Thank goodness you don't have to dip into the E-Fund and you have SOMEthing left over :)

undercover vixen said...

i am gonna take a gamble and say...western mass? CT area...i remember those days...everything was wicked this and that