Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Holiday Present List

My Present List 2009

Friend K: A novelty tee shirt-already purchased and given last month. Cost $13
Friends R and S: I'm having Christmas lunch with R and S and their family. My contribution/present is a dessert from a gourmet local bakery, plus two jars of gourmet mustard I found at a local store (these folks love mustard). Cost $45
Friends P and L: One bottle of Whiskey, one bottle of  acceptable Port, some other small treats: Cost $60
Friend T: A bottle of gin. $25
Friend D: Two small Yankee Candles $20
Lovely Neighbors: Don't want to do a present exchange this year, they are having money problems, but I am going to get them something not to exceed $30. They have been great watching my house and helping me with the animals. It will be a present from the poochies and not from me.

My total budget for holiday presents is just under $200. This does not include my present to myself, yet to be decided, but most likely not to exceed $60.  I've pared down the list to the nearest and dearest to me. I am getting presents only for those friends who have been "good' and "there" for me this year-no questions asked, especially when I was having a meltdown about something!  I would be very remiss not to do something for them.

The easy and nice part is that 90% of this shopping can be done at my local liquor store, in and out in 15 minutes. It's easy to do when the few I'm buying for are quite happy with a "liquid" present. Plus I get to support a local business.  I'm not doing presents for many of the others I've done presents for in the past, I just don't have the budget. I've limited the number of acceptances to the various holiday get togethers this year as well.  One because I've been barn sitting on weekends and two because it also gets me out of the obligatory bottle of cheer I always feel compelled to bring to the party.  Part of me does miss the parties, getting dressed up, eating good food, seeing people, I like a good party!

How goes your list and shopping?

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Just Another Alias said...

I'm actually making no-sew fleece blankets for my family members. I got most of the fleece when it was on sale at Joann's for only $3/yd! Which comes to $12 per blanket!

Other people (co-workers, friends), I'm going to bake cookies for.

So this is been a DIY holiday for me.

BTW..I've really been enjoying your blog. I just recently (last month) filed Ch. 7.