Monday, December 22, 2008

The Temptation to Shop Was Removed

I posted the other day that I was feeling pressure (all mine, all internal) to shop for additional gifts to give to some people I'm having Christmas lunch with. They were not on my list and I was starting to put myself in a small panic about what to get and how much to spend.  Part of me just could not show up at dinner without "something" in hand.  This is a habit I have to break.

I left the second job yesterday afternoon and left my briefcase/bag sitting in the house.  I did not realize I left my "life" at the second job. Thank goodness a projected quiet week at the office means I won't be missing my work files all that much.  I had my wallet in the car and had stopped to gas up the Escape.  At some point during the drive home, I realized my briefcase was sitting on a chair in the dining room. I keep my bag on a bench in the front hall and from the hall items go into the car.  I had not put the bag in it's usual spot(I am such a creature of habit) and when I did my last walk thru, probably assumed the bag was in the car, with my suitcase and laundry-WRONG!

How did this remove the temptation to shop? Simply by the fact the bag with my lists of potential presents(and the last of my holiday cards to be mailed), my checkbook, and credit card wallet  is not in my possession makes me less inclined to shop.  I have enough cash in my wallet to make it until Thursday (I'll pick up my briefcase on my way to Christmas lunch), I can't spent the cash on extra presents and I have absolutely no plans to run to the bank to get extra cash either. 

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Fabulously Broke said...

HAH! :) That's one way to save cash. Good job :P