Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Few Updates And Some Random Thoughts

Just a few updates here.

I had a no spend day! Yeah! My first in ages-no grocery store, no gas station, no post office, no coffee/tea stops.  It's the things like needing two onions or postage because I ran out of stamps that breaks the no spend day cycle.

My elderly friend is in deep denial about her medical condition, she has been in and out of hospital and a rehab facility for just over two months.  She can not live on her own and has tried (unsuccessfully) to live with other friends. She got upset with our mutual friend D and myself when we suggested that we all look for an assisted living facility. She now refuses to move back in with D because D and I (and to a certain point elderly friends MD) agree she may be better off in assisted living, at the minimum, she needs a professional caregiver around for most of the day. The situation is not good.

I think I have a permanent home for one of elderly friends dogs.  Poochie 2 has found a new home, it's a family with two children around the ages of 8-10. So far, so good, keep your fingers crossed and keep happy thoughts for this Poochie.  Just having one dog out of the house has changed the dynamic and the others are happier. Poochie 1 and Poochie 2 really don't like each other and it was interesting setting up a feeding/walking schedule to keep everyone safe and me sane.  Plus Poochie 2 needs a family to love her, she was just not getting all the love she so deserves at my house.

I've decided that even with my job situation I am way overdue for a vacation to the UK to visit my friends.  I am going to find a frugal and sensible way to make a trip happen in either March or April.  I am going to really focus my energy and thoughts on making sure this happens. I've usally been very lucky finding decent airfares to the UK.  More on this in another post.

My effort to sell a bunch of books and CDs on went well. It was not so much about the money as it was for me to work on a little decluttering.  I probably would have left those items on my shelf, but my reduction in hours spurred me to spend the 10 minutes it took to update my inventory. I only have a few items left to sell and if they don't sell by Christmas, I'm packing them up and donating them to a charity shop.

I will finish my 90% of my Christmas shopping on Tuesday.  I have a couple small things to pick up, but can do that a few days before the holiday itself.

The whole wheat pasta must be growing on me. I ate it for dinner last night and it was not so bad. OR it could be that I was hungry and just ate the food anyway.

I'm almost "caught up" on all my laundry. I have a bunch of jackets and blankets that are coming wth me to the second job this weekend. I am going to get everything washed and dried.  I will also probably donate a couple of the jackets I'm no longer using/wearing to a Charity shop as well. It's part of the decluttering process. These are not trendy or stylish coats, but they are warm and practical and if someone else can use them, great. They get a new life with someone else and I get space on my limited hanging rack.

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