Thursday, September 11, 2008

Saying No Because I Just Don't Need It

My neighbors kids are of that age where a couple times a year, they have fundraisers. They usually hit me up for a purchase. This year I turned down the magazine fundraiser because I just don't need any more magazines. I currently subscribed to 4 magazines, one of which I will not renew, I'm just not enjoying it enough to continuing to pay for it for another year. My cost in magazine subscriptions for the year is $48.

I've also said no to a couple other things. No to the extended warranty on my new $30 DVD player (the old one finally and truly died), no to the extended coverage on my new glasses (I only wear them evenings and occasionally on the weekends). I've said no thanks to the guys at the oil change place who want to change the air filter in my car for twice the price that it would cost me to buy the filter myself and replace myself. I've said no to the guys at the car wash, I don't need the tires on my car to be spiffy and shiny (Not at $25, I can buy a can of tire shiner for $8 and do it myself multiple times) I've said no thanks to going to some women's fundraiser/auction luncheon because I just can not justify spending $35 on a lunch for a cause I've got no interest in and really don't want to bid at the silent auction (therefor saving another $30-$100).

In the past I would have (and did) take a magazine subscription or would have gone to the luncheon and bid on something because it was expected. My friend who asked me to go to the luncheon was a bit taken aback when I said (very politely) I've done my charitable giving for this year and there is no more room at the Inn. I've attended this luncheon 6 out of the past 8 years (more for my friend than for the cause) and I've opted out.

What have you said no to recently?


Ugly Debty said...

I say no to everything. It gets a bit boring sometimes to be always saying no and watching every penny, but most of the time I'm glad to not be burdened with yet another money spending jaunt.

Connie Brooks said...

Arrgh Arrgh I hate the fund raisers the candle parties, the pampered chef and tupperware exthortionists, even Avon.

No one needs that junk. Especially not those of us trying to get on an even financial keel.