Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More of Hindrence Than A Help

At my regular full time job, we recently lost an employee, she went on vacation and literally, never came back to work. She just upped and quit. That was sort of a blessing in disguise. My office has slowed down and we don't need an extra person at the moment. The company is saving money, but we have these times when we need an extra person in the office. Like a few days this week and last week.

The solution, my boss is having his wife help out. She is a very nice person, but not very computer literate, she tries, but lets just say she tries. It's better if she does other work, not computer work. She wants to be more adapt at the computer, but I am not a good enough teacher/trainer to work with her, other than to do the basics.

I've been working on a project today and unbeknown to me, she has tried to "help me out" by putting some information on our public website. This is not good. Our web site is designed to be " point click and shoot", sort of idiot proof, but you do need some computer savvy to make it work and keep our customers happy.

I will now spend the remainder of the day undoing all the work she did, a wast of my time, and very frustrating. Had I realized what she was doing, I would have switched gears so to speak to do the computer work. ...UGHHHHH.


Cassie said...

Ugh, that would be so frustrating!

Anonymous said...

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