Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another Reason I Like ALDI-Part 3

I've posted before that I'm doing more and more of my shopping at ALDI. The ALDI does not carry extensive inventory, that's not their style and they admit it. They do carry the basics plus some extras and that's ok. I needed to do a basics shop this week. I got my usual eggs, cereal, canned goods, flour, sugar, some frozen veg etc. I had two full bags of groceries and walked out of there spending $20.16.

My cupboards are slowly getting re-stocked for the next few months (pasta, rice, beans, canned goods) and I'm not spending a ton of money. I'm not brave enough to try their meats. I have a good local grocery store that has very fresh, very good, and fairly priced meats, cut by an in store butcher. I'm a little leery of meat that has traveled half way across the country pre-packaged. (think all those salmonella outbreaks).

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Uncommonadvice said...

I agree with you on Aldi meat. I think it tends to be cheap cuts (eyelids etc!), however I've brought my shopping bills down by loads simply by cutting back my total meat consumption per se.