Tuesday, September 9, 2008

August ~Not as Bad As I Thought

I knew I spent a lot of money on gas during August. Despite my plan to not do many things, I ended up driving someplace each weekend. And that meant getting gas each weekend instead of every 10-12 days.

I looked at my bank statement yesterday and while my gas purchases were high, the rest of my expenses (excluding my medical bills) were low. I had more money left over than I had anticipated! Good thing in my book. Almost all my bills were paid (I forgot to pay my phone bill, $35), I had food in the cupboards, I was organized and paid a bunch of September bills early.

I had posted in August that I felt like I was getting my fiscal life back, which I was. I then went into a bit of tailspin, doubts crept in, work was crazy, second job up in the air and I started to wonder IF the plan I had was actually working. I think it is and I'm starting to feel better again about my fiscal life.

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