Friday, August 29, 2008

New Month, New Goals and Resolutions

I worked in the education field for a while. Even now, many years later, the time around Labor Day signifies a "new year" as in academic year. I fought the urge yesterday to buy a new notebook and pack of pencils when I ran by Staples yesterday. NEW SCHOOL SUPPLIES!

That being said, I'm going to start September off with some new goals and resolutions. I'm also going to take the sage advice of Brip Blap and focus on getting One Thing Done.

Like many people, my to do and goal list gets out of control, I think I end up putting more things on the list than I can reasonably do because I have this control freak mentality that wants to see things crossed off the list. What ends up happening is the small inconsequential stuff gets crossed off and the bigger and more important things don't.

I've started on a list of goals and to do. I've decided that my big goal for each month is to make enough extra income (second job, e-bay sales, whatever) to cover my car payment. I'm not going to go crazy over this, but just focus on getting this goal accomplished each month

My second goal/to do is to take a good look at my house and see what needs to be fixed or repaired that is out of my scope of skill and then get some quotes. I've already identified two "home improvement" projects, 1) replacing the disgusting old insulation in my basement crawl space with new and also putting more insulation in the attic crawl space 2) getting a price on new gutters.

Both of these projects will cost me about $500-$600 in labor and materials. I have been in contact with one Home Improvement Contractor about rates, times, etc. Craigslist turned up a plethora of folks to do this work, but many (almost too many) are not licensed by the state and use a cell phone number as the primary source of contact. Having been once bitten, and now twice shy with handymen, I'm going to use a licensed contractor in case something goes awry.

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