Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August Goals, Just A Little Late

It may be a little late, but here are my August goals. I'm trying to get more structure back into my life

1) Repaint my bedroom(if I have to look at my white walls another month, I will scream).

2) Set up contributions to Roth IRA fund.

3) Review second job schedule and maybe find a new one~I have concerns about the current second job due to changes at the facility. That's another post fodder

4) Get back to menu planning. I'm spending too much money at the grocery store and not cooking or bringing lunchovers to work.

5) Research and price out a printer/scanner combo to enable me to become paperless (or as paperless as possible, I can't take the piles of paper anymore on my desk)

Not really fiscal related per say, but these have been somethings on my goal/to do list for some time. Now is the time to get them DONE!

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Budget Mama said...

Good luck with the goals. I started the menu planning a few weeks back and it's been going great. Groceries were my weak spot in my budget.